The Coastal Way

The Coastal Way outlines our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help us work together as a team and toward our common business goal.

The Coastal Way

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The Coastal Way

We all know that business is far more than making money. We want to deliver the maximum social impact, taking action that makes a real difference to people’s lives. We want to make positive and lasting changes, both for our environment and for the people around us – our staff, customers and the Devon community.

We Are Responsible

We maintain the highest possible Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental compliance, operating ethically, honestly and with integrity.

Championing a Sustainable Future

We want to make positive and lasting changes for our people, community and for the planet and through education and responsible waste management, build a more sustainable future for all.

We Take Ownership

Being employee-owned means we are all engaged in our purpose, individually taking accountability and ownership in our actions.

We Are on the Same Team

We achieve more together. We are respectful and supportive and recognise the roles each of us play to make Coastal successful.

We Are Resourceful

We face opportunities and challenged in an honest and open way, continually improving how effectively and efficiently we work.

We Add Value

We use our knowledge and experience to create strong and lasting relationships, maximise recycling rates, provide a great service and to make a positive impact on everyone we work with.

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