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Bideford BMX Club on the up thanks to grant

July 19, 2019

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BMX is a sport where fractions of seconds count and the most important part of a race lap is the start, get a good one and it sets you up for a great lap. Bideford BMX clubs old gate was not the best, it was slow and antiquated and riders had to adapt their skill sets to overcome it. This meant when riders raced at more modern tracks, who use faster starting equipment riders results tended to suffer. However, with the new gate installed, coaching & training will improve, focussing on skills that are transferable and we’ll see improved riders results. We feel the renewal is hugely important and has really helped to address some of the inequalities our riders suffer.

This is where the Coastal Recycling Community Fund stepped in…

Rob Flavell Club Secretary said, “They’ve always been really supportive of the club, understanding the value the club brings to the community and the positive effects competitive sporting opportunities can have on members”. Bideford BMX Club were awarded £14,000 through the Coastal Recycling Community Fund to renew the start gate and system and we’ve installed a Pro-Start gate that is UCI recognised.”

Mark Ellis Vice Chairman said, “This is a total game changer for the club, no longer do rider results need to suffer due to training on a sub standard gate system. The effects this upgrade will have are far reaching and the club are really grateful for the support.”

Richard Marsh, Director at Coastal Recycling said, “It’s great to see how the club has evolved over the years and we’re pleased to have been able to support not just this recent project but multiple improvement projects during that time. Providing places that bring the local community together is so important and the team at Bideford BMX Club continue to make that happen.”



This is a total game changer for the club, no longer do rider results need to suffer due to training