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Changes to the Classification of Waste Wood Effective from 1st September 2023

August 31, 2023

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The legislation around Waste Wood is changing

From 1st September 2023, the Environment Agency are withdrawing Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) 250 which allowed potentially hazardous ‘amber’ waste wood items from the construction and demolition (C&D) waste stream to be moved and processed as non-hazardous.

From 1st September 2023, a small number of items from pre-2007 buildings will now be classified as Hazardous Waste unless they have been tested and the results confirm they are Non-Hazardous. The ten items affected from pre-2007 buildings are;

Barge boards
External facia
Soffit boards
External joinery
External doors
Roof timber
Tiling cladding
Tiling battens
Timber frames
Timber joists

These changes do not affect railway sleepers, telegraph poles and other previously designated hazardous wood waste. The recycling facilities operated by the Coastal Group at both Deep Moor and Kenbury Wood are not permitted to accept hazardous wastes, therefore we will be unable to accept any Hazardous Waste Wood for processing at these facilities either via direct delivery or through placement in our skips/Ro-Ro containers.

However, we are here to help. If you do have Hazardous Waste Wood to dispose of, we are able to provide advice on testing and where appropriate, we can provide a separate collection of this material, which will then be taken to a suitably permitted facility for treatment, transfer and energy recovery.

The waste producer is responsible for correctly classifying their waste and our expectation is that it is you, our customer’s, obligation to (a) classify your waste, (b) identify whether it has hazardous components, and (c) ensure it will be collected and sent for treatment at an appropriately permitted facility. We can assist you with all of these elements to enable you to demonstrate compliance with these requirements.

Please ensure that your processes are updated and briefed to all relevant staff to reflect these changes. In the event that suspected Hazardous Waste Wood is discovered, either in one of our containers or at one of our sites, this may result in load rejection and/or additional costs being charged. The links below will take you to documents produced by the Wood Recycling Association.

WRA Visual Guide
WRA Acceptable Materials
WRA Grades of Waste Wood

If you have any questions or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 01392 826456 or

Changes to the Classification of Waste Wood are effective from 1st September 2023.