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Co Create Exeter

September 16, 2022

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Co Create in Exeter provides opportunities for the community to learn to make things in their wood workshop to build friendships, learn new skills and help reduce social isolation. They organise a specialist session called Women in the Workshop, which helps domestic abuse victims learn independence and resilience on their road to recovery.

In 2022 we developed a relationship with this social enterprise, providing them with high-quality waste wood from our recycling site for use on their projects.

Co Create Exeter
Co Create Women Workshop

About Co Create

Co Create provides opportunities for people to make exciting things and be part of shared projects; to enjoy the benefits of making things. Their studio is a space for people to learn with experts and practice new skills.

One of the main things that drives their work is a passion to reduce social isolation and loneliness in Exeter and Devon. They believe that community is an important part of working, learning and making; that community can change people’s lives for the better.

They continue to create a community in Exeter that is built on kindness, respect and creativity. By doing things alongside others they can build trust and friendship, and through this sustainable, positive change can take root in Exeter.

Co create are a community of makers, builders, learners and teachers.