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Coastal involved in their first ever podcast

May 4, 2023

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Coastal Recycling has been involved in their first ever podcast!

The podcast, produced by PKF-Francis Clark, an International Chartered Accountancy business, approached Emily Delve, Coastal’s Commercial Director to be interviewed in the podcast. PKF-Francis Clark were interested in discussing our unique 100% employee-owned company structure. Employee Ownership allows Coastal Recycling to continue to prosper whilst maintaining its independent local ownership status enabling all staff to share in its success. UK employee-owned companies operate in a range of sectors and contribute to over £30 billion of the UK economy annually.

During the podcast Emily discusses our employee-owned status, the importance of investing in your workplace culture and how creating a great reputation starts with a happy and engaged workforce.

Listen to the podcast


If you would like to listen to the full podcast, or subscribe to their podcast channel, Noodles and Doodles, you can via the PKF Francis Clark website.

During the podcast Emily discusses our unique employee-owned status.