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Exeter Chiefs Players help clear shoreline of plastic

August 20, 2019

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Chiefs Picking Litter

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Till the Coast is Clear is a Social Enterprise working with businesses such as Coastal Recycling. Its focus is to clear the hard to reach places along our coastlines of plastic and rubbish that otherwise would go un-seen and un-touched.

With the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky Exeter Chiefs players Olly Woodburn and Tom Lawday, sponsored by Coastal Recycling joined Richard Marsh from Coastal Recycling and Gary Jolliffe the founder of Till the Coast is Clear at the picturesque Blackness Marine near Dartmouth.

Chiefs Picking Litter

Chiefs Picking Litter

Boarding the specialist vehicle ‘Coast Clear One’ the team headed out to a stretch of shoreline just along from Galmpton Creek on the River Dart. Protective gloves donned and armed with litter picking sticks and buckets the team got to work and soon collected a plethora of discarded items from a small stretch of shoreline, the items included; plastic bottles, flip flops, bin lids, plastic wrap, string, DIY fishing gear, crisp packets and even an old buoy.

Chiefs Picking Litter

Exeter Chiefs Players Olly Woodburn and Tom Lawday get hands on to help clear shoreline of plastic.