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Life after Landfill

October 30, 2023

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How Deep Moor in Torrington is now a hub for recycling and renewables in Northern Devon

Since 1970 Deep Moor Coastal Recycling’s site in Torrington has been a landfill site built to manage Northern Devon’s domestic and business waste. In 1998 Devon Waste Management (now Coastal Recycling) took ownership and full responsibility of the site and in December 2020 had filled the general waste element of the landfill which was then capped and closed off, at the time leaving Devon with no active landfills.

How is Devon managing without a landfill site?

The introduction and promotion of household and business recycling driven by legislation and environmental concerns along with the development of energy from waste plants have led to a dramatic reduction in the amount of waste that needs to go to landfill.

All household black bag waste from Exeter, Plymouth, South Hams, Teignbridge, West Devon, East Devon and Northern Devon is now sent for incineration at Energy from Waste (EFW) Plants.

Coastal Recycling’s hazardous mono-cell remains open on site for the compliant disposal of asbestos. This is the only one if its kind in Devon and Cornwall.

So, what happens at Deep Moor now?

Since the closure of the general waste landfill, Coastal Recycling is making Deep Moor entirely about recycling and renewable energy.

– The site is a commercial waste transfer station where waste material of all kinds is sorted and processed for recycling. Coastal Recycling accepts waste from big building suppliers to small direct tipping customers.

– All the curbside recycling from Torridge District Council comes to Deep Moor to be processed for recycling.

– Coastal Recycling receives 12,000 tonnes of garden waste from Northern Devon residents. This garden waste is shredded and processed and made into a nutrient-rich soil improver which is distributed to Devon farms and community garden projects.

– Set to increase, there are currently two solar arrays on the site which greatly reduce Deep Moor’s reliance on traditional energy generation and increase its export supply to the national grid, whilst supporting the drive to reduce Northern Devon’s carbon footprint.

– Coastal operates a Household Waste Recycling Centre under contract to Devon County Council at Deep Moor.

What about managing the capped landfill at Deep Moor?

Deep Moor generates large quantities of energy for the national grid via the capture of landfill methane gas using a complex system of pipes and wells spread across the site, this is fed back to state-of-the-art engines that burn the gas to generate up to two megawatts of electricity per hour, enough power for over 4000 homes.

Since the closure of the landfill, Coastal no longer receive large amounts of landfill community funding. However, with the small amount received, it has helped fund a new clubhouse for Torridgeside Football Club as well as supporting numerous other local projects and charity initiatives.

If you are interested in waste and recycling solutions for your business and would like a free, no obligation waste review, please contact us on 01271 440600 (North Devon) or 01392 826456 (Exeter) and one of our team will be happy to discuss your business waste needs.

"Deep Moor is now entirely about recycling and renewable energy"