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Asbestos Waste Disposal

Coastal Recycling ISO Accreditation

When asbestos needs careful handling, let our decades of experience take the reins for safe and legally compliant disposal in Exeter, Exmouth, Torbay, Torrington and the surrounding areas of North Devon, South Devon and East Devon.

Coastal Recycling Asbestos Waste

The only licenced asbestos disposal site in Devon

Coastal Recycling can collect and dispose of asbestos waste by taking it to our own licensed facility. Our range of enclosed skips, with lockable lids, means you can store asbestos materials onsite safely, until we collect it.

Our asbestos disposal service ensures we are compliant with transport legislation, Duty of Care, the Environmental Protection Act and Hazardous Waste Regulations. All vehicles and staff involved in asbestos collection services comply with ADR regulations (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

Asbestos can be found in:

Manmade Slates

Corrugated Roofing Sheets & Cladding

Textured Decorative Coating

Guttering, Downpipes & Drainage Goods

Floor Tiles

Insulation Board

Pipe Lagging

Ceiling Tiles

Dealing with asbestos?

We provide a range of enclosed skips with lockable lids, so you can store asbestos safely until the job is completed. We’re unable to accept asbestos mixed with other waste unless it’s specifically booked in an asbestos skip. If waste materials in your skip look like asbestos, we’ll test them and make the necessary adjustments. Asbestos can often be mixed with other materials, so it’s difficult to know if it’s there. Any material containing asbestos needs to be legally disposed of as hazardous waste. Both fibrous and bonded asbestos must be double wrapped/bagged. Our Customer Services team can arrange for it to be collected once it has been appropriately wrapped.

Asbestos FAQ’s

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre that was extensively used in construction and various industries until the late 1990s. However, it has since been recognised as a hazardous material due to its potential to release microscopic fibres into the air, causing health issues. Therefore, the removal of asbestos requires careful handling.

Can I include asbestos in my general/mixed waste skip?

No, asbestos-containing materials must be legally disposed of as hazardous waste and cannot be mixed with other waste. If materials resembling asbestos are found in your skip, we will conduct tests, and if positive, the entire load will be considered contaminated. You will then be charged for disposing of the entire contents at the asbestos disposal rate.

How do I know if I have asbestos?

If you suspect your waste materials may contain asbestos, our assistance can help isolate it, potentially avoiding charges for a contaminated skip load and ensuring environmental safety. You can arrange for a sample to be tested or our Customer Services team can arrange this for you. If asbestos is confirmed, you must engage an asbestos removal specialist and order an enclosed asbestos skip. Remember, asbestos testing is significantly cheaper than paying for a contaminated skip.

How do I package up asbestos?

Both fibrous and bonded asbestos must be double wrapped or bagged. Once appropriately wrapped, we can arrange for collection to ensure careful disposal. For any questions regarding asbestos disposal, please contact our Customer Services team at 01392 826456; they will be happy to assist you.

Got more questions?

Speak to our customer service team for more information. 
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Dispose of your asbestos waste safely.

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