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Hazardous Waste Disposal

Coastal Recycling ISO Accreditation

Hazardous waste must be disposed of safely and effectively. Coastal Recycling offer hazardous waste disposal services to Exeter, Exmouth, Torbay, Torrington and the surrounding areas of North Devon, South Devon and East Devon.

Hazardous waste disposal Exeter and North Devon

Hazardous waste disposal in Devon

Our specialised service extends to the collection and disposal of hazardous waste in Devon, including materials such as chemicals, solvents, construction waste, and automotive waste. Operating from our licensed facility, we offer a variety of enclosed skips equipped with lockable lids, providing a secure storage solution for hazardous materials until the scheduled collection.

Ensuring adherence to transport legislation, Duty of Care, the Environmental Protection Act, and Hazardous Waste Regulations is our commitment. Our service guarantees compliance, and all vehicles and staff involved in collection services strictly follow ADR regulations (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

Hazardous Waste Services for:


Small Electrical items (WEEE/ SDA)

Paint Tins

Chemicals and Solvents

Paint Thinners

Automotive Products

Cleaning Products

Pesticides and Herbicides

Medical Waste

Fluorescent Bulbs and Tubes

Batteries (Vehicle and Households)



Construction Materials

Types of Hazardous Waste

Our recycling service in Devon specialises in managing a variety of hazardous waste materials, ensuring safe and environmentally responsible disposal. This includes substances like paints, oils, aerosols, bulbs, batteries, and electrical items, which are commonly generated by industries such as construction and automotive. These sectors, with their unique waste challenges, benefit from our tailored solutions for the collection and treatment of hazardous waste.  Our dedicated service extends to the collection and treatment of these hazardous waste types, promoting compliance with regulations and contributing to a sustainable waste management approach in Devon.

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Dispose of your hazardous waste safely.

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One planet. One chance. Our vision is to maximise the recycling and recovery of resources and be market-leading in our commitment to sustainability.

For the last 30 years, we’ve been making recycling easy meaning you can achieve your sustainability goals while continuing to do what you do best. Each year we grow, but we stay true to our roots, looking after the businesses that make Devon the place it is.

Connecting with local communities and educating with our expert knowledge is a key practice at Coastal to secure a more sustainable future for all. As much as 80% of the things that go into general waste bins could be recycled. That waste is a resource in the wrong place but together we can get it right.

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