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Organic waste

Coastal Recycling ISO Accreditation

Every year, Coastal Recycling accepts around 60,000 tonnes of segregated green garden waste from sources in and around Devon. All of this is processed to produce PAS 100 soil conditioner.

Coastal Recycling Organic Waste

Devon-made organic compost: maximising yields and reducing need for expensive fertilisers

Coastal Organics is the green waste division of Coastal Recycling, servicing Exeter and Devon. Coastal Organics accepts around 60,000 tonnes of source segregated green garden waste collected from across the county. This green garden waste is then shredded and composted for 12-16 weeks, during which it undergoes a rigorous sanitisation and stabilisation processes. The material passes through 20-30mm screens to produce the final soil conditioner.

The PAS100 compost has a wide and balanced range of vital micro and macro nutrients; high organic matter in a stable form (compared to FYM, digestate and other manures); improvements in soil structure and the ability to retain water; a small liming value as well as a pH buffering capacity which will minimise pH related deficiencies. Green compost also provides a range of beneficial fungi and other microbes, a critical part of healthy soils which help protect crops from pests and diseases and make nutrients available to the crops when required. All combining to lower the needs for both fertilisers and pesticides.

If your Devon-based school, business or community project could benefit from rich compost made from recycled green waste, please get in touch.

Trevor Thomas Torquay Allotment Holders Co-operative Association Ltd

It’s very hard to express the benefit it will make to the land and the savings that everyone that has taken advantage of your black gold will make with the reduction of artificial fertilizer and improvement in soil condition.

How organic compost is created in Devon

Kerbside and recycling centre green garden waste is delivered to our sites across Devon

Our high-speed shredder breaks down the material and forms it into windows

The organic compost is then managed to maturity over a 12-16 week period

It’s turned regularly to regulate the internal heat

At the end of the process, the material is screened to produce the final product

Samples are regularly sent off to a laboratory to check levels of nutrients

After weeks of careful management, it has transformed into a PAS100 soil conditioner

Sustainable compost for your Devon farmland

The PAS100 compost from Coastal Recycling boasts an extensive and well-balanced array of essential micro and macro nutrients for your family. It contains a high level of organic matter in a stable form, outperforming FYM, digestate, and other manures.

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Sustainable Trustworthy Compliant

One planet. One chance. Our vision is to maximise the recycling and recovery of resources and be market-leading in our commitment to sustainability.

For the last 30 years, we’ve been making recycling easy meaning you can achieve your sustainability goals while continuing to do what you do best. Each year we grow, but we stay true to our roots, looking after the businesses that make Devon the place it is.

Connecting with local communities and educating with our expert knowledge is a key practice at Coastal to secure a more sustainable future for all. As much as 80% of the things that go into general waste bins could be recycled. That waste is a resource in the wrong place but together we can get it right.

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